【the kuramoto】No._010_TENRYO(720ml)_12 bottles(Air-service)

【the kuramoto】No._010_TENRYO(720ml)_12 bottles(Air-service)

Price: JPY58,604(tax incl.)


12 bottles JPY29,304

(5%off discount)


【Air service price】

12 bottles/2 box

※Within 9 boxes
※Packing included.

The base sake is a pure rice wine which is brewed using 100% of the fold sponge of Hida brewed rice. I was born in Gifu prefecture for sake with sweetness and refreshing acidity.
Using Gifu limpid stream Yeast (G yeast) which is a brewing yeast. I am birth. Alcohol containing carbon dioxide emits a rich aroma of sake, Including it in your mouth will spread sweet and sour shabby sweet taste. Even for women and people who do not usually drink alcohol It is a dish that you can enjoy deliciously. Cool chilly, fancy champagne glasses Please enjoy.

NameTenryo/Sparkling sake


Bottle size720ml

malted rice(Japanese)

Rice Polishing65%

Rice varietiesGifukensan
Hidahomare 100%





*Because of fermentation in the bottle, it may be blown out at opening.
Please slowly open the cap without shaking.
*Please save in the refrigerator, and drink as soon as possible.
●Drinking alcohol under the age of 18 is prohibited by law.
●Pregnant women should not drink. It will adversely affect the fetus.